Gaming on STARLINK!!
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The next generation of satellite internet is here... but is it any good... and how does it work, exactly? But most importantly, can you pwn noobs from space with it?
Check out - access is opening up based on location!
A huge thank-you goes out to Ken Keiter for letting us use his footage - check out his video here:
Another thanks to for the orbital visualization, which you can check out here:
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Miadous

    Better than my internet. Mine is exactly 27 ping too, but 128 mbps download. About 10 years ago in my location, Windstream was way oversold in the area with zero competition, the maximum of 3mbps we paid for was actually only 0.25-0.50 mbps download speeds. Until after midnight when it was less crowded.

  • patprop74

    The 100Watt of power to run the dish is its biggest handicap for the moment, as I'm am sure lots of sailboats would love to have one, especially due to the fact, that many hotspots in popular sailing destinations are limiting or blocking internet access.

  • lic2kil007

    Someone has to be working on clearing low earth orbit debris and what a $$ contract that would be.

  • DIY Flamethrowers
    DIY Flamethrowers

    I mean, I'm fine here with Gig speed, but this has to be an absolute game-changer for rural areas and/or places where Big Telecom companies own the politicians to keep them from pushing higher speeds. My stepmother lives just 20 miles away and has just two options with the higher speed being just 24mbps down speed.

  • Abe Abe
    Abe Abe


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    It'd be so cool if the satellites could provide their own insulated "internet" in case of main internet failure

  • MilkieBear

    Definitely not a fan, since it is messing up the night sky. They need to try making them less reflective

  • Stambo

    I am in rural New Zealand and still on ADSL (12mbps down and 1mbps up) with no chance of fibre in the foreseeable future. Takes me about 6 years to upload a 2Gb video. This has got me kind of excited.

  • Dan Jim
    Dan Jim

    Fiber internet stops quarter mile from my house. I have to use verizon with a cell booster, it does ok.

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams

    better upload then my broadband, very impressive, not a big fan of the space debris though

  • Nathan Sandy
    Nathan Sandy

    This is cool

  • cat videos
    cat videos

    One this goes live, there will no longer be "off the grid."

  • /^\inutemen/^\edia

    Haven't played csgo in years. But you got me booting CS source 😂

  • /^\inutemen/^\edia

    I just got the inseego 5G hotspot.. faster than any Comcast I've ever had. 150mbps 📥 50mbps 📤 and less than one ms ping. All wireless. I think it's worth a video Its 50$ per month for 100 gigs

  • Carlos Guevara
    Carlos Guevara

    I just noticed he says "is only a game" 16:28 on a baby voice.... the best CSGO player in the world (s1mple) say it like that once on livestream... JA!

  • i'm taking you to flavor town
    i'm taking you to flavor town

    its coming to my area by the end of this year, the biggest limiting factor for me is the 500$ for the equipment to start it out, after that its only barely more expensive than what I have now which is 10down 5up and it drops out all the time.

  • Blaze10523

    I have 18/0.7 mbit net, i need this

  • Momchil Todorov
    Momchil Todorov

    Have you tried zoom calls with it? If that works I am sold :)

  • Jake Storms
    Jake Storms

    I cannot wait for Hughesnet to go out of business. No-one that I know who uses it greys anywhere near even 1mbps. They are ripping people off.

  • radekal

    "I'm looking at YOU, Delta Cable!" Hahahaha yikes

  • Jens Jensen
    Jens Jensen

    *begins crying in tmobile 4g wireless internet*

  • Evill Dead
    Evill Dead

    My lat is 57 on spectrum lol. Fuck cable is really sucking.

  • Saphirefenix

    I pay $90 a month for 1.5mbps down, on a good day, from Telus. I get 60ms ping. This is WIRED. I can't wait for starlink.

  • Shokha Takhirov
    Shokha Takhirov

    I mean it's still will be improved more in the future, right now it's like early access (beta) now available for mass market and it's already impressive! more than 100mbps download is better than my spectrum wifi that costs around $40 month

  • Konsume Flesh
    Konsume Flesh

    Fuck yeah no more garbage CHOPPY UNIVERSE LAGOUT TELEPORTATION 100kbps

  • CJ Schmitt
    CJ Schmitt

    Buddy you're talking about 27mill ping...i'm on gigaservice with 67 mills ping in happy!!!

  • Ocean Water
    Ocean Water

    This is amazing. We get lowest 60 ping in Alaska, and that’s with the best internet up here. 20 ping here I come. Sad thing is it says it won’t be up here until 2022

  • David Ronning
    David Ronning

    Minnesotan here and fuck comcast.

  • Aaron• Highcloud
    Aaron• Highcloud

    I have under 1mbps at the reservation I’m from It’s in the middle of nowhere so yeah lol I hope I can get this

  • Aaron• Highcloud
    Aaron• Highcloud

    So there’s internet out in the middle of the biggest desert? Lol like Death Valley or Sahara desert?

    • Dest!ny Fvcker
      Dest!ny Fvcker

      Even in the middle of the ocean, yes.

  • Flaxeneel2

    16:02 Achievement unlocked: Death from above (literally from space)

  • StupidDumbIdiot

    i had hugesnet from 2016-2020 then for the past 5 months ive had viasat and ive been gaming the whole time, im getting my starlink kit in fall and im super excited after seeing this video!!

  • Štud Pūffin
    Štud Pūffin

    Wow the bryzgalov reference! 😂😂

  • Zenkai76

    I signed up to Starlink last year and we just got the ability to put down 100 down, I can't wait to get it and give a middle finger to ATT and their expensive POS DSL!!!!!

  • Frosty.

    uncensored information probably wont even exist anymore by the time it's fully up lol

    • Frosty.

      @Dest!ny Fvcker uh.. wha? i was saying that more and more things are being censored more and more

    • Dest!ny Fvcker
      Dest!ny Fvcker

      The only thing Starlink provides is a great internet connection, it'll be up to the website you're hacking if you can brute force through lol

  • Armand W.H.
    Armand W.H.

    "I think we all know where I'm going" me: Por- oh yeah or that

  • Jeremia Melendez
    Jeremia Melendez

    "Yo there is a meteor passing by my ping is gonna go up"

  • Tristan Sly
    Tristan Sly

    2 years ago i was bearly getting 5 down and 1 up where i live in australia (suburb's near city) now after our government finished a project to get better internet to the masses by putting in outdated technology i now enjoy 50 down and 5 up on a very good day. If space x allows for australians to get accsess to this service our governments 8 year long project and billions of dollars in funding is pretty much out the window. Which is fucking hilarious to me.

  • Ric Grylls
    Ric Grylls

    rural internet companies are pooping themselves rn

  • Jamer1Smith

    This technology will destroy space exploration, this is one of the worst scenario scientists could imagine.

    • Jamer1Smith

      @Dest!ny Fvcker Low orbit is a limited space and even if there is a lot of space it does not mean that it cannot affect observations.

    • Dest!ny Fvcker
      Dest!ny Fvcker

      I think you're underestimating the huge expanse of space.

  • Amine Neo
    Amine Neo

    If both the speed and ping are good, then why starlink has trouble loading images ? Can somebody explain?


    You get 150mbps no cap @1000rs here in India... With some of those ott apps It's gonna be a hard compi there 😐

  • Mathew Jenkins
    Mathew Jenkins

    I think people are definitely spoilt. 27ms is fine for all internet usage, waiting half a second for some comments to load is a 1st world problem and it just means youtube needs to tweak their servers.

  • feras

    I have 100mb/s with an upload at 8mb/s unlimited bandwidth for 11 (eleven) dollars a month here in Istanbul/Turkey

  • Simon

    Yea 27ms is not bad but with telekom, in germany, i had 12 ms constant.

  • Kian Kennedy
    Kian Kennedy

    I get 422kb/s download lmaoo idk how y’all complaining

  • Claude Black
    Claude Black

    greetings from romania, 1gps .... this is funny af

  • Trevor Allen
    Trevor Allen

    13:06 nooo sandra bullock!

  • Farhan Salwary
    Farhan Salwary

    Americans sitting with 100mb me as a South African that's fibre

  • Green Seuz
    Green Seuz

    so with this, the Sahara has better internet than we have in Germany, nice xD

  • Hazril UltraXP
    Hazril UltraXP

    syikin linus

  • Kushal Sinha
    Kushal Sinha

    My home internet is a lot faster than my pc! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • thekillerchicken131

    Finally something in Australia better than Telstra’s 50down 20up

  • DavidC

    I just realized Philippine's internet providers really sucks!

  • Hi-Death

    Thank you Papa Elon

  • Xyp1x

    In India it is already there and we call it "JIO"

  • Jin

    $100 USD/m and 50ping? I will pay for that. Fuck Vodafone in New Zealand.

  • My Playstore
    My Playstore

    *I play VALORANT using my mobile's USB threating with 130+ ms ping* 😂 *So starlink will be an angel for me* 😇

  • Alain Smoors
    Alain Smoors

    i live in the only area in my city where gigabit doesnt exist we have 8mbit down 1mbit up

  • Nuke Mecca
    Nuke Mecca

    hey starlink do not use musk rockets they blow up

  • Chunky Pie
    Chunky Pie

    In Australia I’ve had satellite for 2 years now $80 for 80GB. Can’t use it when it cloudy. But it’s the only option I have here.

  • Samuel Pokapin
    Samuel Pokapin

    In my country ping is 700ms plus really waiting for starlink to be available...

  • ZacharyDeathman

    Having hughesnet gen 4 all my life with the inability to upgrade it for weird server issues, when I got the email from starlink saying it's in my area I instantly ordered it up, can't wait till I get it

  • MrSuperfabio1

    we use starlink in the airforce, i have had my fair share of use with starlink. its very impressive

  • LefNut

    I moved out the country a few years ago, and i love it but I miss playing online games. I got an email from Starlink a few weeks ago saying the beta will be expanding to my area mid to late this year, I don't think I have ever paid for anything so fast. If the service works as advertised I will finally build a new PC to go with it.

  • Poomanpeebird

    Lol who else has starlink

  • MacReflections

    The pin and speed are faster then my VPN into the office. Very workable.

  • Logan Riling
    Logan Riling

    The 4 vids going at once is like a total fantasy on my innernet

  • hemant jhunjhunwala
    hemant jhunjhunwala

    Paying around $25 in India for 300Mbps with no data cap and base plan netflix, amazon prime and around 10 other entertainment apps. The service is excellent too. :) Edit: ping is never higher than 5ms on ethernet and not more than 10 on wifi

  • Alpheus Madsen
    Alpheus Madsen

    Right now, I have a dream where I can pack a trailer, drive into the mountains for a bit, set up camp somewhere at random, somewhat far from civilization, and work. (I'm halfway there working from home.) While expensive to set up and run, particularly if I also want to have a physical home where I live that still has a hard connection (and only roam once a week out of a month), this is a major step in making that dream possible!

  • giuseppe

    im on fiber next to a large city and I get 300/300 and my ping is 21-27. Starlink is pretty much par with me.

  • killwize


  • Colefinney 1234
    Colefinney 1234

    i cant even watch 1 4k vid on youtube

  • IMSERIOUS4Donuts

    i remember as a kid when we had access to 30mbps. ISdowns videos were so much faster and we could stream movies without interruption. star link is an amazing invention for people who still cant get 30mbps

  • The Papaw
    The Papaw

    This is all new and great, but down the road (like cell carriers when they launch internet), what happens to speeds once the satellite has reached its max users and congestion starts (or has it started already? The 1st youtubers regularly posted videos show speeds of over 100mbs, now more users are showing average of 50mbs, that's a big drop in such a short amount of time, ya know). What about data centers going down. The data has to be connected in somewhere, are there more than one location, can the data be re-routed without disruption to the user??? Is anyone asking these types of questions? I cant find any answers to these types of questions out there. Oh and another point, how it is bringing the net to folks that don't have, well I am ne of those folks, one due to location, the 2nd due to cost, $2,000 (500+99*12) for the first year isn't going to help anyone with limited income. BTW, was accepted into the beta, just cant afford it to pay that much to test something.

  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen

    The sophisticated cactus paradoxically expand because chive histomorphometrically alert beneath a weary anteater. calculating, nonchalant magazine

  • Marc

    OK, I can see all of us, all over the globe, using Starlink soon :) COOL! I'm all for it.

  • R W
    R W

    My whole house is capped at 1.2 mb/s, This video makes me want to cry

  • AwesomeRustyRex

    I watched another video a guy was getting 15p

  • any4003

    I came from fios.... I'm about to my to a rural area where I'll be apart of that small group of people who'll get an offer of maybe 25mbps but will get maybe 5mbps if I'm for me this will be a half baked life saver....not moving out their by choice...

  • ScamCast Alt
    ScamCast Alt

    On the real tho... Not having good internet is the only thing that has stopped me from living deep in the mountains. Now I can finally do it! Just gotta wait til my stonks make me rich. 😭

  • ScamCast Alt
    ScamCast Alt

    I wish I lived in the middle of nowhere so I could qualify for Starlink 😔 Even though I have fiber. I want starlink!

  • Narayanan

    About starlink Indian Tech and info channels: soon Elon gonna watch us every seconds by using his SATELLITE. others: woooow, awesome speed, man!!!!!!!

  • A Hans
    A Hans

    This is awesome... Linus- Can you please do more videos on Starlink & also RISC-V??? This was more of a teaser; as some pics & video were shown, but no gaming, Kodi/IPTV/Terrarium/Plex, nor Live Streaming. Also alot of the system's components, nor uplink~downlink low latency & connecting to satellites via. Starlink OR Connecting to Satellites by way of ISP coaxial/fiber wasn't gone over in depth like you usually do either! So if you could Do more vids on Starlink/Outernet/Go More In-Depth About The Satellite Constellation, The Components, & How It All Works... THAT WOULD BE SUPER COOL!!! Also Maybe A Vid On Connecting to Internet via. Sat Comms through regular internet ISPs that would be a killer video!!! Years ago I started doing this spacenet Outernet project as a maker project similar to what ppl are doing with SBCs, SoCs, & LoRa are starting to do & with the purpose similar to Starlink... However without billions of $$$ making the specialized systems, & components was difficult; as they were hard to find, too expensive, or the tech didn't even exist yet... I had made progress on building it & still have the components & have been working on it again!!! As you so aptly pointed out... you not having internet with only 1 phone line before DSL... I had the exact same issue + my parent was in IT since Analog mainframes & hated their job so except a work computer NO computers were allowed in the house:'-( So I saved up & bought a laptop, but alas was caught & had to go to friends houses to get online ... but I digress... So now the maker project that I was working on might just be able to get finished now since Starlink, other competitors & ARM & RISC-V & SoC are coming more into the civilian market... I envision a way anyone could get great radio, TV, telecommunications & Internet anywhere in the world from the largest Metro cities to people in the middle of nowhere!!! Starlink+Other Competitors Satcomms, ųSats & nanoSats are going up that might actually make what was started a reality!!! I hope to see more Starlink & SatComm content from you all @ LTT!!! You guys rock!!!

  • نيكوتين - Nicotine
    نيكوتين - Nicotine

    Help us we iraqis .. we give 24$ dollars for 26kps almost? In one month with a lot of with gour or five times a day of service cut-offs

  • Kingman101

    I lived in the country where we had no choice and only dial up and this is HUGE

  • Domenico Wegener
    Domenico Wegener

    this sideway at the end XD

  • Drtomadero

    What a fanboy

  • Dean Millard
    Dean Millard

    astronomers cry with 180mbps

  • netcellent

    It bothers me when LTT (who it's clear know a lot about other things) discuss network topics they don't understand. 27ms is the round trip time which if you're using a modern operating system that includes window-scaling, isn't going to adversely affect you in anything other than gaming*. Even assuming you don't have access to tcp window scaling, you'd have to see latency of 120ms or greater just for your theoretical TCP throughput to dip below 1Gbps *Even then for most games the difference between 5ms and 27ms isn't going to be noticable to anyone but a pro.

  • brad cunliffe
    brad cunliffe

    £400+ for the dish and an £84 p/m subscription. This isn't changing anything 😂😂

  • Rediscovery Channel
    Rediscovery Channel

    a 27 ms ping is perfectly acceptable. I get 10 on my fiber internet.

  • Wodzus

    When in Poland you can get 1Gbps Fiber Network for about 15$/mo

  • Nicholas Charles
    Nicholas Charles

    99$ a month is too much IMO and you gotta pay 500$ for a kit... meh...

  • Magnus SL
    Magnus SL

    Is 360.33/258.25 Mbps and 4 ping fast?

  • dobrzpe

    just as he is loading 4 videos... my internet stops the video to buffer. at 720p... LMAO

  • Equinox

    It's not finished yet and it's already awesome.

  • Cooper

    Praise be to the Omnissiah!

  • ma3oun

    Very well explained !

  • jereme simpson
    jereme simpson

    I get 37 ping on my cable internet.